Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

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Compare The Birth Of Frankenstein's Creation in Two different Film Versions The aim of this essay is the comparison of two different film versions of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, firstly one by Kenneth Branagh, secondly one by Patrick Bergin. We are looking at the birth scene of the creation. We used the two versions to explore the issues in greater detail of Christian's duty and the moral issues of how Frankenstein is going against God. Gothic horror and science fiction issues are shown how they are used to give the atmosphere in each scene of the films. There is an issue on the natural and unnatural birth of the creation. Along with the nature and nurture debate is the creation born to be evil or nurtured to become evil? In the film version of Kenneth Branagh's Frankenstein was set in the 1800's around the time the novel was written by Mary Shelly.

You can tell this by the sort of clothing they were wearing for example the ladies worn corsets. The transport used was mainly horse and cart, this can be seen when people where leaving the town. The scientific equipment was not very advanced as electric eels and lightening was used to generate the electricity. Also the accommodation they lived in as the decoration of them was very much from the 1800's.

In comparison, Patrick Bergin's version was set in later time, around the 1900's this was the Victorian period. From the examples above, as well the clothing and transport was mainly older style cars. The scientific equipment, which is more advanced, as electro magnets instead of eels and lightening, created the electricity. Also the accommodation was much more Victorian style.

In Kenneth Branagh version of the birth scene it is the daytime, but gradually it is getting darker.