Mary Tudor I, also known as Bloody Mary.In this essay, you will see how she grew up and who she grew up around. "Mary Tudor I"

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Throughout the Renaissance period there were many significant people. Among these significant people lived Mary Tudor I.

Mary I is the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Some would say that she suffered through a terrible childhood of neglect, intolerance, and ill health, whereas others argue that she lived a wonderful life as a princess. Because Mary's mother did not produce a son for King Henry, he married Anne Boleyn. Anne Boylen produced a girl as well, giving Mary I a sister named Elizabeth. Soon after Elizabeth was born, Mary was declared a bastard and her right as a princess was taken from her. She was from then on known as " The Lady Mary." Shortly after the death of Anne Boylen, Henry wed a woman named Jane Seymour who produced a son for King Henry. Mary I stood as the godmother of young Prince Edward at the christening.

Though things seemed to be going smoothly, Jane soon died after the birth of Edward. In 1540, Mary gained yet another stepmother: Anne of Cleves. Mary's new stepmother was Lutheran, whereas Mary herself was Catholic. Though they shared separate religions, they remained good friends up until Anne's death in 1557. Following the death of Anne, Henry married a very young woman named Kathryn Howard. Kathryn was only 18 years old. Mary was 4 years older than her new stepmother. This affair caused many problems between the two girls. However the marriage was very short lived because Kathryn was sooon arrested and put to death for adultry. Mary's father finally married his last wife named Katherine Parr who was about 4 years older than Mary. Although the two had different religious beliefs, Mary and Katherine Parr were friends. Katherine Parr was the one wife that did not die; instead,