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  • A question?

    Could you please tell me where you get your evidence that England dont use healthy animals in their medical research? I know for a fact that certain places in England certainly does use healthy animals. A place called 'Huntingdon Life sciences' being one of those places. It has been on the news and I would have thought it would have been a readily available source of information for your essay, I live in England and can find you many Newspaper reports on this place. I am sorry to dispute your statement but it is just not true. Also I find it hard to believe that you received 100% for this piece of writing as your information is inaccurate and some of the language is far to emotive to be a level headed argument against animal research. Also occasionally your spelling is incorrect and your grammar slips from time to time. I am not nit- picking just pointing out why I believe your assignment is not worthy of a grade of 100%.
    • 30/01/2003
    • 10:56:42
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  • It needs filling out!!

    Although this essay is informative it lacks style and interest due to the fact that it reads merely like a chronology of deaths and births. I would like to see more comment to back up several of the authors opinions, for example you claim that Mary I and her siblings were civil to each other at first but grew apart as their beliefs changed, I would of liked to have seen some reference to why you believe this to be the case. Another example is your final statement that Mary Tudor lived a hard and stressful life because she was a woman, how can you make such a throw away statement without giving us any information on why you believe this. If this was the case then how do you explain Elizabeths life? she was a woman in a mans world and she managed, I am not disagreeing with your opinion but I would like to see some reasons why you believe this to be the case.
    • 30/01/2003
    • 10:37:28
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  • Not Bad!

    As a fellow Brit I have to say I do not agree with all that is stated in this essay, some of the information seems decidedly patchy and there seems to be too much focus on the economic aspects of Thatcher's rule. I do agree that the british economy was her main success but it makes your essay somewhat biased if you focus too closely on that and do not cover what she did wrong for the country. This is not badly written however and I found it very easy to read, there are a few mistakes for example putting 'subjective' when it is clear you meant 'objective' but otherwise a fairly good essay.
    • 29/01/2003
    • 22:20:45
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  • Very, very interesting!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and found it highly informative. Congratulations to the author to a piece well done!! I am a huge fan of Dracula and especially Frank Coppolla's version and so I found this particularly enthralling to read. It is very well written and flows beautifully from start to finish, the author has an excellent grasp of the English language. Bravo!!!
    • 29/01/2003
    • 16:50:23
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  • Nicely Structured.

    I found this a well structured assignment which I could follow easily. The approach was systematic and organised which enables the reader to enjoy what they are reading without being confused. The language is straight forward and simple. This all makes for an easy read, the only suggestion I would make would be to watch your past and present tenses in your language, at the end you swap tenses mid-sentence. All in all a good assignment.
    • 23/01/2003
    • 23:56:31
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  • A very good explanation

    I have read Hume and I found your explanation of what he has to say on this particular topic very well put. I think this essay would be very useful to a student of any level of education as it is simply put and well thought out.
    • 16/01/2003
    • 21:07:26
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  • Excellent!!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and found it very informative. It is extremely well written and obviously the author knows their subject well. I understood everything and this is solely due to the straightforward and clear way it was presented. I really cannot criticise any element except to say -'I would love to see more!'
    • 15/01/2003
    • 11:43:50
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  • WOW!!!!

    I have learnt some philosophy during my Access to Humanities course, which is English 'A'Level standard, so I like to think I can read something like this and understand it. I have to say this blew me away!! I understood alot of it, but the way it is written and the confident use of philosophical terms is just fantastic. I am trying to find out about 'Human Reason' for an assignment right now and this has helped although I feel I will have to read it a few times to absorb all that is covered.This is not an essay for a beginner in this field, I just barely understood it with my limited knowledge, so I think only someone with the same educational background as the writer would truly benefit from this. It exudes confidence and ease with the subject and I am still in awe!! Well Done!
    • 15/01/2003
    • 11:28:21
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  • A very focused piece.

    I found reading this very easy and enjoyable. The topic of discussion is never lost, we are reminded every step of the way what your subject is. This is an excellent habit to develop, as it makes reading an assignment easier and more straightforward. Your ideas were very clearly put and it shows that you know your subject well and understand the play. My only criticism would be to say try and maintain the chronology, I found it a little off putting when after the first part, talking about elements of the play that happened further into it, you then began to talk about the opening of the play.BUT that is my ONLY slight criticism, overall I enjoyed reading it and found it concise, focused and fairly well written.
    • 13/01/2003
    • 02:18:49
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  • I am a little confused!?

    This is a very well written essay and I found it extremely informative. I feel I have learnt something about the American voting system today so thank you!As I am from the UK and know very little about the American voting system.I only have one issue to raise -how does the electoral college safeguard against only the larger states having their vote count? What does the electoral college do so that all states are included in the process? I do not understand what part it plays in the process? Can you explain it too me. I understand your argument against having a commitee of men who can override the 'masses' majority vote. I agree with you, it does indeed take away the democracy and instead makes it an Oligarchy. But what else does the Electoral College do?Once again thank you for sharing this essay.I found it very useful and once you clear up my one area of confusion I will have learnt something new today!
    • 09/01/2003
    • 03:55:18
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  • A little positive advice is needed.

    I do not think your sentence structure is all that bad and what does need work I believe has happened because this piece seems rushed -am I right? What you have to say is intelligently enough put but you could do with some quotes from reputable experts to give your argument credence, I suggest you look back at your research on this topic and find some useful quotes to use. I also agree with lilmissbulldog you need an introduction and conclusion, it helps lead the reader through your work and lets them know why you are writing on this topic and what your final conclusion is. That way you avoid any confusion and people wont feel that it is unfinished.Mainly slow down and take some more time over your research, you have some valuable facts and figures there but they need framing with a few well chosen quotes. Keep trying!
    • 09/01/2003
    • 02:23:01
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  • Only my humble view!

    This is a well written and thought provoking piece and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, although it has left me with many questions, I will note some down here in my comment.I too have gleaned from Swift's writing this view on Mankind but what do you think he would have to say about Human Reason? Is it something best practised in isolation? do you believe Swift would see it as a positive characteristic of humankind? Is it possible to practise Human reason without interaction with other people? I do not think so. Also if Swift saw good in man as an individual surely it is wasted in isolation, surely an individuals charity or virtue should be shared? is it not pointless unless it is practised and put to good use within mankind? Anyway, that is my perspective on it. Once again this is an extremely good well thought out piece and is in enough depth to be useful to me and my research at Degree level -it has triggered questions in my mind that will further my research -thank you!
    • 09/01/2003
    • 00:13:29
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  • A view from a Honours degree student

    This Essay is beautifully written and structured, I found it easy to read and informative. My only criticism would be that I would have liked to have been given some examples of Swifts use of satire to give further credence to the writers point. Also, it would have been helpful to see some information on the society that Swift is satirising as not many people would have prior knowledge of the society of England in the 18th century.This is purely due to the fact that I am researching 'Gulliver's Travels from a degree level perspective. Anyway, it is an excellent written piece and I would have no qualms about recommending it to someone who needed to research Swift, as a starting point for someone at degree level or as useful for secondary school age.
    • 08/01/2003
    • 23:18:06
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