Masacres of Sabra and Shatila

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Many acts of violence amongst the Palestinian and the Israelis can be justified. The Palestinian have been tortured for years. Since 1948 they have been through out of there own country and refugee camps by jews. One of the most tragic cases is the on that happened in Sabra and Shatila. The jews their homes, then proceeded to invade there camps so they can be eliminated. The Israelis injured nearly 18,000 and killed approximately 30.000 people. When Palestinians go to fight back, how can their acts not be justified? It's not like there is anyone helping them like the jews get money from everyone across the world because of the holocaust.

The massacre of Sabra and Shatila started on June 6 1982, the Israeli army invaded Lebanon as revenge for the attempted assassination of the Israeli Ambassador in London, two days before. By June 18th, Israel had surrounded the PLO armed forces in the western part of the Lebanese capital.

A cease-fire turned in to the PLO evacuation of Beirut on September 1st. On September 11th, Ariel Sharon, the leader of the invasion, decided that "2,000 terrorists" had stayed inside the Palestinian refugee camps around Beirut. On the 15th, Israeli army occupied West Beirut, watching closely the camps of Sabra and Shatila, which had Lebanese and Palestinian people. By that same night, the refugee camps were all surrounded by Israeli tanks and soldiers, who installed checkpoints and crossroads around the camps to control who entered and who exited. Ariel Sharon announced that "2,000 terrorists" had remained inside the Palestinian refugee camps around Beirut.

"the Tsahal forces are forbidden to enter the refugee camps. The "mopping-up" of the camps will be carried out by the Phalanges or the Lebanese army." The next day about 150 Israeli-allies entered the first camp. For the following 40 hours members of the military allies raped, killed, and injured a large number of unarmed civilians, mostly children, women and elderly people. The numbers of victims the Israelis say are between 700 to 3,500 people killed or badly hurt. The victims and survivors of the massacres were never considered to be entitle to an investigation of the tragedy. In reality the Israelis caused 18,000 deaths and 30,000 injuries, mostly civilians. The UN Security Council called Sabra and Shatila a "criminal massacre," and describes it as the most heinous crimes of the 20th century. The people found personally responsible for this crime have never been pursued or punished.

"If there is a moral to the painful episode of Sabra and Shatila, it has yet to be acknowledged." After this tragic massacre Palestinians fought back for what belonged to them. Since then there has been wars, attacks, suicide bombings. If the Israelis cannot have a peaceful solution then why should the Palestinians be peaceful about this whole situation? Look where peace has taken them. They have tried to talk about peace methods, yet the Israelis still attack and blame it on terrorist when we can clearly see that the Israelis are the terrorists here. These acts can clearly be justified as acts of defense, even though they are acts of killing. They can be justified for the Palestinians because they are merely defending their homes and their lives, what belongs to them to begin with. Are they supposed to just sit there and let the Israelis abuse them like this? Every sane human can realize how wrong this is yet no one will help. A lot support Israelis or live in a country were the government supports Israel so if they say they are for Palestine they will be called terrorist too. Besides if someone would help the Palestinians just like the states is helping the Israelis then this thing would probably result in less casualties but since no one can seem to help the Palestinians, they have to fight back with their own means of survival. For them it's the difference between fighting back or getting killed and on the other hand for the Israelis it's killing so they don't over populate them. What a stupid reason to kill someone. This is my point of view on the case of massacres against Palestinians. I strongly believe that there is a great injustice in this world towards Palestinians and hope one day people will stop calling them terrorist, simply because they are defending them selves, and see the reality of it all.