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Should Native American Mascots be used?

Should Native American Mascots be used? Well, that's a broad question that could have many different answers and ideas. This is why I can't say 100% yes, they should be used or, 100% no they shouldn't be used. Although, I can meet somewhere in the middle. This is where I came up with my thought that you can't ban all or none but you have to make a compromise. Some Native American Mascots should definitely be banned while some definitely shouldn't.

When I say that some Native American Mascots should definitely be banned you may wonder which ones I'm talking about. The mascots that I'm talking about are ones that are represented with cartoon-like characters or actual people who are trying to impersonate their mascot. The characters are usually running with spears, smiling with a big cheesy grin and fake Native American clothing, or have big feathers on their head.

All of these characters that stand for mascots of different schools are not only degrading to the Native American culture but are also incorrect and are not truly representing the Native Americans. The feathers are actually only given to Native Americans during special ceremonies after they have made a large achievement that has taken a long process and lots of work. Even the facial expressions given to the Native Americans on certain characters may give a false impression of the Native American group as a whole. Some people might interpret the cheesy smiles and bows and arrows like the Indians on T.V, which isn't how the Native Americans act. Can you remember the last time you saw a Native American chasing a cowboy? I sure can't.

This is why I also believe people should also not try to impersonate their school mascot if they...