mass media and language

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Mass Media & Language

Every human knows at least one language, spoken or signed. Language enabling speakers to communicate with each other to express ideas, emotions and all the other things that need expressing which is essentially responses to stimuli. So that, each society's communication is very much connected to the every aspect of daily life.

In that way, media makes use of language as a potent medium to communicate its audience. Each media caters to particular audience and develops its own language and idioms. Language becomes the major part in the various process involved in the working mass communication system. What we can conclude here is that language is very important in realizing the impact of the society on a medium and the influence of medium on society as well.

Media is a wide aspect which refers to various means of communication. Undeniably, broadcast media is one of the most common and closest medium to the people all around the world.

This is because the language of mass media particularly-the radio- is an interesting phenomenon with an amazing variety of features. With so many advanced technologies, nowadays this radio broadcast has acquired the meaning of casting and spreading information in wide area. This wide area receptivity itself forms the basis of the development of a special genre called broadcast language.

Fairclough ( 1985 ) stated that analysis of media language as discourse can help in reaching a detailed understanding of the nature of media output. This linguistic and discourse analysis is concerned with both texts as well as practices. Rosemary Horsetan ( 1998 ) graphically pictured that the distance between the broadcaster and his audience can never be more than the distance between the microphone and the broadcaster. Moreover Paddy Scannell

( 1991 ) observed that radio and television...