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IntroductionThe Matrix, released in 1999, is both a masterpiece of cinematic entertainment and a film containing religious and philosophical metaphors. The Matrix can be viewed from two different perceptions; simply as an action film or as an alternative on a deeper level, discovering the more insidious values hidden in the plot.

As a masterpiece of cinematic entertainment, the Matrix was a very successful film release. It contains fight scenes, chase sequences and special effects to rival any other film released during 1999. The matrix was a blockbuster movie of Hollywood. In order to be successful it had to appeal to a wide spectator. Like any other typical blockbuster, the matrix contains a few simple aspects. These include attractive characters, a love interest to appeal to girls, a feel-good ending, action scenes, and a bit of violence to satisfy men. (Irwin, 77)The action scenes involve fights, music, chases and special effects.

The chase scenes include close escapes and near misses such as those witnessed in the first scene, with Trinity reaching the phone box a matter of seconds before it was hit. The loud explosions and soundtracks add to the building sensation of nerves and terror and then relief. They help to create tension, apprehension and pressure as the plot thickens and we find out more about Neo and his destination.

The fight scenes contain many special effects such as bullet time and agents ‘morphing’ between bodies. The Matrix was one of the first films to use bullet time, putting, and the film in a class of its own. This aids entertainment, especially when shown on a large screen. The kung fu fight scenes are predominantly exceptional, manipulating film footage to show speed and action, fashioning the extremes that the Matrix will hold. In places this was filmed using slow motion...