The Matrix Philosophy

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Neo's meeting with the Oracle

Neo goes to see the Oracle for the first time in the first Matrix movie. When he meets her, she is in her kitchen baking cookies. Then during sometime in their conversation, the Oracle says,"Don't worry about the vase." Neo says, "What vase?" (after he said that, he hit the vase by accident and dropped it.) Here we see that the Oracle is a psychic. Then the Oracle says, "What's really going to bake your noodles later on is would you have still broken it if I hadn't said anything?" After a while later, she gives Neo a "physical." She checks his ears, his tongue, his mouth, and his hands. Based on what she sees, she looks at Neo with a weird facial expression. Neo then says, "I'm not the One." Then the Oracle nods her head. Notice the Oracle never told Neo that he wasn't the One.

Neo believed that he wasn't the One. The Oracle knew he was the One all along but did not say anything and wanted Neo to find out for himself. (That's why she said that he would have to choose between saving Morpheus or saving himself.)

Another thing, why did the Oracle give Neo a physical? They were inside the Matrix, so why did a physical matter? The Oracle wasn't looking at the "real" Neo, she was just looking at a digital computer image. Again, the Oracle knew that all along but wanted Neo to find out that a physical didn't matter. Neo obviously gave up and decided that he wasn't the One.

The Spoon Theory

In the Oracle's home, there were other potentials. One kid bent spoons with his mind. Neo went to him and looked at his ability. "The Spoon Boy" told him to not...