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The opening concert for the 2002 season is "Maurice Ravel", with Daniel Barenboim as the conductor. The performance was held in Carnegie Hall, Chicago, IL. Chicago Symphony Orchestra did the performance, with no solo. The orchestra has four movements, with the first movement having sub movements. They are Rhapsodie Espnole, Pavane for a Dead Princess, Alborada del Gracioso, and Bolero.

The concert hall was large and gold paint with lots of curtains surrounded the audience and performers. The performers were all in tuxes and dresses and the size of the orchestra was about 60 to 80 people. The performers were all professional with there approach of the conductor and the through out the performance. The percussion surrounds the rear of the orchestra with the brass in front of them. The woodwinds are sporadic in the middle with the stringed instruments the front. The audience was very large with no vacant seats in the house.

They were all dressed in dresses and tuxes. The mood of the audience seemed excited to be there to witness this magnificent performance. I felt excited to see one of the best concerts in the world, knowing I could do this assignment with ease. Surprisingly I found the class bored, not wanting to see or do this assignment. I would like to describe the last movement "Bolero". Any peace has multiple qualities that any performance will have. The dynamics of parts this peace makes it sound as loud as a march during a battle. It did have large contrast of dynamics. This had more of a tenor or bass voice to the tone color. This peace had a staccato or detached feeling that would be difficult to sing. It tended to move in all types of steps. The time signature sounded like it was in...