Maya Angelou ended up living with her grandmother as a

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Maya Angelou ended up living with her grandmother as a young girl, because her mother and father split up. She grew up with her grandmother and her grandmother was very strict.(Also Maya's sister lived with them) Maya use to get beaten by her grandmother and her grandmother use to go to church. There was a time that she got beaten because her and her sister was giggling in church, so when they got home Maya got hit and got punished for that. I think she should have just punished her not beaten her. At the ending she starts to like boys and gets curious about sex and has sex with a guy she doesn't even love which broke my heart because I feel the first time you have sex should be special and with the person you love. Also she was very young. She was about sixteen years old when this happen.

This novel showed me that you cannot live the past, because even though she ended up living with her grandmother that doesn't give her the right to disrespect her grandmother or any other part of her family. I know this because, I too have lived with my grandmother and my aunts in my family, and I have also been in foster care and it's hard going from home to home.

I believe that no matter what happens in your life you shouldn't take it out on people that are trying to help you. Even if that might get you mad and you might run away or just scream. Life is a challenging subject and you have to learn how to live with it, if not it wouldn't be called life. But I learn from this book is that life is full of challenges and if you don't take it, it might just pass you by.