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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: Global Communications CORPORATION

Problem Solution: Global Communications Corporation

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Problem Solution: Global Communications Corporation

Today's Global expanding economy demands that corporations stay competitive not only in their local markets but abroad as well. As economic globalization continues companies face stiff competition not only from other companies in the same market but also from adjacent companies offering one-stop-shop solutions to customers. Banking companies for example who where traditionally offering Retail or Commercial Banking services are now offering other financial services typically offered by brokerage firms and insurance companies. Cable companies who used to offer cable services are now venturing in the telecommunications arena by offering broadband internet and VOIP (Voice over IP) services. This cross-market competition and economic globalization has forced many companies to rethink their mission statements and to restructure their companies and culture to meet new challenges in the environment to stay competitive.

This document will attempt to identify the challenges and opportunities that Global Communication faces in today's global economy. It will describe in detail the problems faced by this company and will propose an optimal solution supported by the benchmarking research that was conducted based on the end-state goals that have been identified for the company. The approach for presentation will follow the following 8 step format: (step 1)Situation background, (step 2)Problem definition, (step 3)end-state-goals, (step 4)alternative solutions and benchmarking validation, (step 5)analysis of alternative solutions, (step 6)risk assessment and mitigation, (step 7)optimal solution, (step 8)implementation plan, and finally a conclusion.

Situation Background (Step 1)

In the face of an expanding global economy Global Communication position as an industry leader is sliding. As Wall Street's interest in the market itself continues to fade, modernization is...