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McBride Financial Services


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The McBride Financial Service company is looking to expand their business and become the leading service provider of low-cost mortgages to the states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota (Apollo Group, Inc., 2004). They will need to develop a marketing strategy to determine what their customers are looking for in a mortgage company and how they can best manage and market these strategies. This paper will highlight how McBride Financial Services can achieve a profitable business through operations and marketing as well as their goal of breaking even financially. The types of media that will be used within McBride's marketing plans and their target markets will be outlined and their expansion of services to the web will also be covered in the following document.

Market Research

As with any marketing plan, research needs to be conducted and reviewed.

This research will help McBride Financial Services to better orient their company toward the needs of the customers and have the ability to make decisions that will bring more customers to their individual branch offices. Determining where the company stands with its current customers is important because they can build on their current market strategies to reach new customers and excite current customers with new services.

An easy method for McBride to undertake in research would be to contact their current customers and have them fill out a short survey. This survey can be used to highlight the services and products that their customers currently are happy with on the company end and place in which they believe McBride could improve. Many other consumer organizations use surveys like this to form an idea of how different industries are performing and what works for companies...