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Although a vast period of time separates the Salem witch trialss from the McCarthyism, numerous similarities can be found between them. Both during the McCarthyism and the Salem which trails innocent people were accused of communistic views in the first case and witchcraft in the second. These accusations resulted in mass hysteria, and ruined the lives of whole families. In the same time accusers gained more power by proclaiming that they protect the ordinary people from the evil witches and communists. By miss-guiding the social opinion so that they look as if they were the good ones in the end, the accusers became more powerful than ever.

Amazing facts that both connect and separate the events in Salem and the McCarthyism are the difference in time, and the similarity of the events. While for explanation of the absurd accusations in Salem during the 1600's the disinformation might be used.

It is hundred times harder to find an explanation for the McCarthyism. It is well known that in the 1600's neither of the sciences was developed at the 20th century level, and it was impossible to explain why the girls from Salem behaved in a non-normal way. The only source of information that was available was the religion, which was obsessive for most of the people, and it clearly stated that when something unusual is happening with someone he or she is possessed by the devil. This fact gave the reluctant people a chance to empower on behalf of the accused. At the same time during the actions initiated by senator McCarty people lived a life, not so religious, in which it is supposed that they would be fooled a lot harder. Contrary to the expectations the same as during Salem which trails happened.

McCarthyism originated in the HUAC (House...