The Meaning of Music

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The meaning of music is a lot of different things. There are many different styles of music, to go with each individuals different type of listening preference. Some of the most popular songs, have the artist putting their soul and heart into the words of song, and that's how we can relate to the meaning of the words, because it hits home so hard.

However, words are not the only thing that make music sound good. The singer who sings them and how they sing them play an impact as well. A person can tell how much feeling a singer puts into a song just by listening. A singer and the words that are sung, is kind of like hearing a poem, a poem is expressed through rhythm and emotion just like our music today.

Each individual has a different meaning of music. How a person may see music in their own eyes is what it may mean to them.

To me music is the meaning of expression, but in many different forms. Music reminds me how diverse our world is and how each and every one of us is unique in our own way.

The instruments that are used in music have a lot do with the impact of what the artist is trying to express in a song. Some groups have many different instruments playing at once to show the liveliness of a song. Now a days there is even digital music put into a song to make the sound or rhythm of an instrument without even actually being played live.

When a person speaks a different language another person that doesn't not understand it, may still not know what they are saying, but they can still tell what that person is trying to express in some...