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In today's society the media plays an important role in the way Americans think and what they believe. Media can influence the masses in a number of different ways. Without the media it would be virtually impossible for typical American citizens to be informed of today's events. But information is not always the media's goal. In fact, it rarely is. Many Americans feel they can form opinions on their own. But, unknowingly, opinions are formed simply by what paper gets delivered to your door or by what channel you watch. The views of the president are greatly affected by the media due to overwhelming amount of coverage.

After watching various newscasts and reviewing articles printed in various newspapers, it is obvious that the news is not filled with facts, but is most likely filled with opinions. The ideas and actions of the election can either be applauded or condoned depending on which station you turn to.

For instance, only excerpts are printed in your newspaper. What about the whole story? It's what the writer thought was important. Therefore we are only given half the story in which to view an opinion. Another example, when a very important issue is talked about, it makes the front page. But if a mistake was made in what the candidate said, the retraction gets printed in the middle of the paper where most people could easily look over. News broadcasted on television is only given a specific amount of time, and again the station decides what is important to air. The stations seem more interested in entertaining, rather than providing news.

Upon observing how these publications give the reader information, it is evident that their writings are nothing more than a form of propaganda that does not give the reader information...