Media Language (A2)

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Analyse one of your coursework productions in relation to the concept of LANGUAGE

To create our Advanced Portfolio product, we used and played on many media theories, both contemporary and traditional to represent a range of themes and ideas common within the Horror genre. In order that this was successful, we conformed to and built upon the ideas of media theories, such as using a knife as an extension of the killers body.

When filming for the final product we decided to use classic shot styles. In our trailer we have decided to film in mostly mid-shot, such as when the victim is running, because we want to give the audience a suggestive look at the film rather than intricate details. We felt, however, that by combining this basic shot style with Point of View shots and Reaction Shots, we would be able to cause the audience to want to see the film.

For example, using a reaction shot near the end of the trailer causes the audience to question what the victim has seen and therefore causing them to see the film, to find out. Perhaps the most classic horror shot we have used is the 'final scare'. Using this shot, of the killer suddenly appearing on screen, embeds the image on the viewers mind and causes them to remember the film. We chose to use classic shot styles within our trailer because of the fact that we knew they worked and their longstanding success within the media industry.

During the post-production time, when editing the production, we decided to use a classic trailer structure. We chose to edit our trailer in a linear style because we felt that for the product to make sense, it was important for the events to be in order. This style of editing...