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Media Report #2

Topic #1 - Binge Drinking - Alcoholism

Party Down South Episode 208 - Hurricane Martha

Party Down South is a reality show which airs on CMT. The show depicts eight "adults" who spend their summer together. "Hurricane Martha" is an episode which aired on July25, 2014 in which cast member Mattie Lynn takes part in excessive binge drinking. She is shown taking several shots in a row at the bar, and always is seen with some type of alcoholic beverage in her hand the entire evening. The night progresses and she becomes incoherent until she eventually passes out in a booth. Tiffany, one of the other cast members cannot get her to become responsive and EMS is called to the scene where they take Mattie to the ER. She was given IV fluids and sent home. Her diagnosis - alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is one of the many dangers of binge drinking and happens from a sudden rise in blood alcohol levels.

Alcohol poisoning causes an individual to black out. Big Daddy, as the cast calls him, is another cast member who is a non-stop drinker. He is the epitome of a true alcoholic. He is never seen without his trusty "beer funnel". The man has been filmed so intoxicated he could not speak coherently or walk without stumbling only to wake up the next morning to do it over again. Party Down South, in my opinion, romanticizes drinking and partying for the younger generation and I honestly wish the show would be banned.

Topic #2-4 - Romantic Love, Affectionate Love, Consummate Love - The Notebook, novel by Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook tells a love story that spans a lifetime. The story of Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton. An elderly man, Duke begins to read a story...