Media Violence Research paper about media violence in general for a psych class

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Media violence in its simplest forms is easily understandable. Anyone that has turned on a TV or watched a movie in the last few decades knows what it is. All this exposure to violence along with increasing violence and crime rates has lead to many believing there is a definite link between the things we view every day and our actions in turn. Media violence also seems to be growing and gaining more attention, possibly due to constant advancements in technology and increasing formats for media to reach us.

Media violence is most focused on in the social and behavioral areas of psychology, since people's behavior and reaction to media are the main topics of interest. Violence in the media is nothing more than that until it begins to affect us and the way we behave. Because of this, thousands of studies have been done over the years to try to uncover exactly how violence in the media affects us and what we can do to control or prevent any negative effects.

One of the leading and most common routes for violence to enter our homes is television. People these days own a ridiculous amount of TV's, and watch them just as much. If television alone was the only source of media violence, it would still be something to worry about. The problem is it extends so far beyond our country's booming TV population. It comes through movies, music, magazines, video games, the internet, and any other form of media we come across day to day. We see this violence so much, the majority of us don't even think about it anymore. We don't think twice when we see a violent act on TV. We're not shocked when we hear a violent lyric on the radio or MTV. Many of...