The Media Watchers & Women's Representation of the Body

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What is beauty? Beauty as we see it enshrined as an illusion, it is a big effort and a big business to keep it up. The shell of the perfect woman is stressful and expensive to maintain; beauty contests are just to see who does it best. When one talks about beauty it typically leads us to focus on women. In the past, words such as 'beauty' were used in relation to 'women' and even in this day in age words like 'beautiful' and 'attractive' are referred to women, rather then men. The media has helped to mold how we visualize words. Messages from the media help to define what is normal, acceptable and ideal, but do not help teach and distinguish between imagination and reality. Image and representation of women in the media has long been a subject of concern. In today's society woman are perceived as stereotypical models, which consequently have a negative affect on young girls who emulate women based on fantasy and unrealistic standards.

As media continues to show negative images, young girls will continue to face challenges physically, mentally and socially.

Media Watch groups are non-governmental groups and organizations that monitor the way communications media deals with socially and politically sensitive issues. Media and Media are two such organizations that take an in-depth look at how women are represented in the media. Their goals are to portray women positively, depict women as experts and represent diversity through media. They do this by revealing the true source of negativity, and the impacts it can have on young girls. Gatekeepers play a major role in deciding what will and will not appear in media. If anything they are too be blamed for most of these negative images that we see daily. Gatekeepers are...