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This novel is basically about Jonas Taylor who theorizes that the Megalodon may still terrorize the deep seas of the Mariana Trench. Jonas discovered this might be true after his last dive. The real scary part is that now this beast has arisen from the hadal zone and is terrorizing humanity.

Geographic Application

This book talks about the geographical distribution of marine species and how it is controlled by the oceans temperature. Also talks about the interaction between humans and the Meg, the structure, environment and the way the Carcharodon Megalodon had survived.

Jonas Taylor, a paleontologist, former Argonaut, bases his theories on a dive that took place seven years ago in the Mariana Trench causing two deaths of his fellow divers, he still believes that he saw the Meg that day. He theorizes that this great predator may still exist in a 1,550 mile isolated stretch, 7 miles down.

Against other scientists, his theory is that they even survived the ice age about two-million years ago not just the climatic changes that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. He believes that the Meg survived due to the tropical current occurring in the Pacific and due to the hydrothermical vents which also made it possible for new life forms to live there. But if the Meg did exist, then, it wouldn't be able to get to surface because of 6 miles of icy water above the warmer layer at the bottom, even if it is sixty-feet long, this predator wouldn't be able to swim fast enough to reach the surface warmer layers. His theories can be backed up by recent discoveries in 1873 by the first exploration vessel the British HMS Challenger which dived down to the deep-sea trench and discovered a fossilized nine-inch, razor sharp...