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Jacques Cousteau

Many people know that the earth is covered with water. In fact, 3/4 of the earth is water.The major oceans (i.e. Atlantic, Indian, etc.) are salt water. We can't drink salt water.Sadly enough, we are ... lantic, Indian, etc.) are salt water. We can't drink salt water.Sadly enough, we are destroying our oceans and various other parts of our precious earth.But there are people out there who commit their ...

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his four percent that isbeing polluted by the tons every day. Everyone needs to understand that the oceansare not endless, and not bottomless. They also much see that the ocean containsmuch marine lif ... ial to our eco-system. And in order to preservethis other world of life, we must stop polluting the oceans, and begin to clean themup. Although using the ocean for a toxic waste dump may provide for a ...

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Class Journal on Global Warming

not do anything to change the way they are treating the Earth. "Some day, the Earth will warm, the oceans will rise and the weather will change. But each one of us will feel global warming's effects, ...

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The 2002 winter olympics on winston watt

s also very successful in it. Jamaica is a very beautiful country. it has nice people and beautiful oceans and hotel resorts. Jamaica probably has nice and well-dressed people.I wouldnt mind going the ...

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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

nt hobbies, but are very similar in that the aspect of the two is to explore the bottom of lakes or oceans. Snorkeling is patrolling the surface of the water in order to see what lies on the bottom of ...

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Pollution and prevention

to try to visualize our future on this planet. Imagine the dark clouds hanging over every town. The oceans swallowing our coasts, and deserts eating up our heartland. All of these things are caused by ...

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Man and Ocean

nd seaweed. In this essay I will talk about 'What are our ocean resources and the importance of the oceans in the future.'First, our largest resource in the ocean is food. There are two different kind ...

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mountains, and plains. Unlike the continents, which are physically separated from one another, the oceans are continuous and interconnected. Since the 'world ocean is continuous'(M.J. Keen) it has si ... ilar characteristics. These findings convinced many that a method of study was needed. The study of oceans was named oceanography.Density, salinity, and temperature are very important concepts in the ...

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Writing a magazine article on "travel for less"

. Well, come to Canada and have it all! Canada has lots to offer the traveler. Whether you like the oceans or the breath taking Rockies, or the flat lands, Canada will show you parts of its beauty tha ...

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This essay is based on the use of abstract and concrete description. The object of the essay is to provide a concise description of a place using abstract and concrete words.

for miles, as traffic filled the lanes of the 91 and 55 freeways.Upon arriving along the shore, the oceans many qualities enlightened my senses. Immediately, I felt the cool ocean breeze caressing my ... ng along the sandy beach, I was awestricken by the suns brilliant fire as it as extinguished by the oceans horizon. Off in the distance the oceans waves marched in unison towards the shore. Getting ou ...

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Hammerhead Sharks

rMarine Science/ Per. 1Hammerhead SharksSharks are one of the most feared sea animals. They live in oceans across the world but are most common in tropical waters. There are over three hundred fifty s ...

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Should Manganese Nodules be Exploited as a Source of Metal? Should we continue exploiting manganese nodules as a source of metal, taking into consideration all the moral aspects.

bundances of the other elements. Manganese nodules are found in large quantities in the sea-beds of oceans proximate to the regions of Russia, Brazil, Australia, Cook Islands, South Africa, Gabon, Ind ... limited and utilized as the main source of our resources. Exploring into the undersea mining in the oceans might lead us to several new technological advances, however, one could argue whether this wa ...

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Myth about why people are fat

he could be considered the most powerful. He liked to sit and admire his vast fields, forests, and oceans all filled with food. Everyone constantly had access to food and never gained weight after ea ...

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A poem I wrote about love

heras she broke before mea moment so preciousyou dare never ask forknowing my heart is hershe weeps oceans of loveand now I see who she really is-chris-For the one I loveI would die one thousand times ...

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"Spiders": a mini-report for a high school biology class

SpidersTurf and Abiotic Factors:Spiders are found worldwide, except for in the oceans, and they live in all habitats and at most elevations.Height and Size:Spiders range in size f ...

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This is about wheter the world is over populated or not.

orests are being cut down at an alarming rate, bearing enormous impacts on the health of earth. Our oceans and seas are being polluted and over fished. Our atmosphere is injected with increasing amoun ...

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The treatment of the French This essay looks at how the French people were treated throughout Canadian history.

ry extreme and at times in history intense. What started out as a conflict in Europe, travelled the oceans, and ended up in a conflict in North America. The earlier conflicts between the French and En ...

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The continental drift theory and it's effects on evolution.

us close relatives in regions that were geographically widely separated with natural barriers i.e.; oceans, deserts or mountain chains. Therefore, continental drift theory was able to explain many pre ... rns of evolution among organisms. Marine species have had obvious effects by opening and closing of oceans, such as Iapetus. Changes in climate as the continents moved have created opportunity for spe ...

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Venus, the 2nd planet from the sun.

y and volume. Both formed around the same time, but are not exactly the same. In contrast Earth has oceans whereas Venus does not, also their atmospheres are unlike on another. Venus's atmosphere is m ... nd carbon dioxide.It is said that if Venus wasn't located so close to the Sun, the formation of the oceans would have lasted. The distance between the sun and Venus is 108,2000,000 km and because of t ...

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A glance over the world from the point of view of a Science Fiction Writer who assumes that Time is waved to all directions

be the use of beautiful language and why would "beautiful" exist or function anymore deep down the oceans?If I multiply and metamorphose into a cloud of spots under the pressure of magnetic fields, w ...

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