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Winston watt is the captain of the jamaican bobsled team. he has led them to many victorys. winston watt was born in clarendon Jamaica. He is known for leading a four man bobsleding team. winston watt was born on august 12 1967. he was born in Clarendon Jamaica were he first got interested in bobsleding as a kid. he weighs 100 kg's and is 1.84 kg's tall. in 1998-1999 he led a 2-man bobsled team and was very successful. in 2000-2002 he led a 4-man bobsled team and was also very successful in it. Jamaica is a very beautiful country. it has nice people and beautiful oceans and hotel resorts. Jamaica probably has nice and well-dressed people.

I wouldnt mind going there one day. Bobsleding is very cool. bobsled racing began largly as an activity for rich and adventoureous people. people started making bobsleds out of wood and then it was replaced by steel sleds.

they got the word bobsleding from the way the crew bobed back and forth to increase their speed on the straightaways. I think jamaica is a very nice place. I wouldn't mind going there one day.