Memory Recall Using Free Recall vs. Serial Recall

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MethodParticipantsThe participants for Experiment 1A consisted of thirty-two xxxxxxxx undergraduate students. The thirty-two participants were all students in Professor xxxxx Experimental Psychology class, however half were in Wednesday night lab, and the second half were in the Thursday night lab. Both male and female participants of mixed ethnic backgrounds (African-American, Asian, Caucasian, etc.) participated.

MaterialsThe participants were given with a twenty-word list in PowerPoint format (see appendix A). A projector and screen were used to show the PowerPoint. Participants were also given paper to write on and a pen or a pencil as a writing utensil.

ProcedureThe thirty-two participants were predivided into two classes with sixteen participants in each, the Wednesday class, and the Thursday class. Randomization was not present in either of the groups because the participants in each class chose that time selection for the class for specific reason. The first sixteen participants were given the experiment on Wednesday night between 7:00 pm and 8:30 while the second group was given the experiment on Thursday during the same time.

The participants were seated at individual desks facing the projection screen that would show the PowerPoint presentation of the words. Prior to commencing the experiment, the administrator dimmed the lights so the participants would be able to see the screen clearly. After setup was completed, the administrator addressed the participants and told them that they would be shown a list of words alternating with the symbol 'X', the words will be presented for one second and the symbol 'X' for three seconds. The administrator also told the participants that after seeing the last word they will be told to wait thirty seconds to perform the first recall task, wait one minute after the first recall task, and then begin the second one. The participants that took this experiment on...