Men and Their Self Image

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In the article "You're so vain", Alex Markels, states that man worry about there self image (51). "Men do anything in order to impress others"(51). This is because they care about what other people may think about them (Markels, 51). Self image is very important to them. Men try to impress others with their money, cars, and clothes.

Money is the first aspect they use to impress people with. For example, men today buy women gifts like expensive jewelry and expensive shoes. Also, men keep track of new things that come out for their house in order to make it look beautiful. They buy new sofas, a new dinning room and he may tell he's friends that cost of things don't matter to him. Another example, is that they offer to take their friends out and he offers to pay the bill. There the reasons money is use to impress people.

Cars are the second reason why men impress other people with. Cars to men are the most important benefit they must have. For example, their cars must have all the new technological equipment like, dvd, and a play station system. Also, the car must be the latest model on the market and the most expensive. They also, use premium gas to fill up their vehicle. Also, men go buy their equipment for the car at the highly price vehicle store. This is how cars are a need in order to impress people.

The final reason why self image is very important to men is the way they must dress. For example, some stores that they buy their clothes are Gucci, Polo, Armani, Ralph Lauren and many more. Men that wear name brand clothes show that they have money. Also, men can wear jewelry that matches their...