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Family duty January 14, 2002 Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Family Duty In Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, family duty to Gregor meant to pay all the debts that his family had and also to pay all of their bills. In order to do make his family happy, he went to the same boring job every day. Gregor dedicated all of his earnings to his family; he thought that he owed it to his family to stay at home and be miserable so his family could be lazy and stay home and live off of him. Gregor felt he had no choice, no free will about how life was going to be; he couldn't change anything. Even if Gregor had second thoughts about doing something different, he would then think again about what he originally thought about, and felt remorseful for thinking anything different than what life had brought him.

Then one morning Gregor woke up and this weird change had happened, he was a dung beetle.

His alarm clock didn't go off, and now he heard his boss out in the living room talking to his family. Gregor knew that if he didn't work, his family would get mad at him and wouldn't have any money to eat on. Then they would have to get jobs; but that wouldn't work because then they would talk trash at Gregor for not working, even though he had been supporting the whole family for a long time now.

When Gregor looked out into the living room, everyone saw him and almost panicked. His boss ran out of the room and even fell down the stairs. Seeing this Gregor then realized his horrible appearance and tried to talk to his family. Thinking that they (his family) could hear him, he explained that everything was...