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METAMORPHOSIS By Franz Kafka The theme that I am choosing for the book Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is guilt. The reason that I am choosing this one is because I believe that it has a major effect in the book, because everything that happens bad or goes wrong in this book comes back to Gregor feeling guilty and bad for what has happened. My impression from reading the book is that Kafka feels guilty for something he has done or is doing, and he is holding himself responsible for something bad that has happened in his life. And it might be that he wrote this book, because it happened to him.

It is very obvious that Gregor is feeling guilty about not being able to go to work because he is a bug. He still feels obligated to be at work even as a bug: "I'll get dressed right away, pack the sample case and catch the train.

Is it all right, is it all right with you if I make the trip? Now, sir, you see that I'm not stubborn and I am glad to do my job; traveling is a nuisance, but without traveling I couldn't live……I am so deeply obligated to our employer, you know that very well. Besides, I have my parents and sister to worry about. I am in a jam, but I'll work my way out of it." (p. 21) You can see that Gregor feels horrible about not being at work and being late, he feels like he owes it to his parents and employer to be at work. And Gregor also feels guilty for his father, mother, and sister working to make money because he was not able to work.

Now, the father was a healthy man, to be sure, but old;...