Meth a report about the drug use and laws

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Methamphetamine is a very interesting drug. To some it's a taboo, and to others its life. Methamphetamine has many different street names. Users refer to it as speed, crystal, glass, tweak, and yaba. Meth is a stimulant that keeps the users awake for days. It's physically addictive and it will cause many side effects.

Methamphetamine is a scheduled two drug in the United States. This means that is illegal to sell without a DEA license. It's also illegal to buy or posses with out a prescription. The police task force treats this drug very seriously, mainly due to the danger of the production of it. It is also illegal in most countries other than the United States.

Manufacturing meth is very dangerous. It is produced in labs with improvised equipment. They substitute anything that they can use to make their equipment, whether this is proper and safe or not.

The people who make it use a chemical called ether. Ether is very explosive and dangerous around an open flame. Many meth labs explode each year. Some lab explosions can even cause death. Synthesizing meth should not be attempted by anyone with out a background in chemistry and a DEA license.

Meth users take the drug many different ways. They can take it orally, snort it, smoke it, or inject it. The thresh hold dose is around 5mg. The average dose most users intake is around 10-40mg. A strong dose is considered to be around 40 to 60mg. Any thing above that is considered to be very strong, and any one who takes this dose can be in danger. The duration of meth taken orally or snorted is around 2-6 hours. The duration of meth taken any other way is only around 2-4 hours. The after effects normally last to...