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6. Learning Styles and Learner MotivationProcess - is the most general of the three concepts. All human beings engage in certain universal processes. All human of normal intelligence engage in certain levels or types of learning. We all possess, in varying proportions, abilities in the seven intelligences. Process is characteristic of every human being.

Style - refers to consistent and rather enduring tendencies or preferences within an individual. Styles are those general characteristics of intellectual functioning that pertain to you as an individual, and that differentiate you from someone else. E.g. you might be more visually oriented, more tolerant of ambiguity, or more reflective than someone else - these would be styles that characterize a general pattern in your thinking or feeling.

Strategies - specific methods of approaching a problem or task, modes of operation for achieving a particular end, planned designs for controlling and manipulating certain information. "Battle Plans."

They vary - each of us has a number of possible ways to solve a particular problem.

Learning Styles-tolerant to ambiguity - you will not easily get flustered by unfortunate circumstances-reflective - you will exercise patience and not jump quickly to a conclusion about how to approach the situation-field independent - you will focus on the necessary and relevant details and not be distracted by surrounding but irrelevant details- the way we learn things in general and the way we attack a problem seem to hinge on a link between personality and cognition - this link is referred to as cognitive style.

- when cognitive styles are specially related to an educational context, where affective and psychological factors are intermingled, they are usually more referred to as learning style (LS)- LS - a general predisposition , voluntary or not, toward processing information in a particular way- LS mediate between emotion...