Methods of presentation influence the viewer's response.

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The methods of presentation influence the viewer's response to the people involved, events reported and the cultural beliefs of a certain topic, showing how the commercial broadcasting stations present reports manipulating the information given to influence the viewer on a certain viewpoint or opinion presented.

There are many methods that influence a viewer's response such as the usage of technical and audio codes and the role of the reporter, yet the two main components in this report are the usage selection of detail and the usage of language.

Current affairs and news reports all have ways of presenting a story whether it be on a critical topic such as whether the country should go to war or on a non critical one such as building a new roadway. Yet we as viewers will be drawn in to the report due to the methods that are used by presenters of the story.

These stories are presented in such a way to influence your own personal response to whatever is viewed and the response of cultural beliefs within the community.

A report uses many methods to influence a viewer's response, one of which is the selection of detail. The article presented revolved around an elderly "lolly pop person", with the addition of a name "Norm", which comes across to the viewer as someone who is a friendly old person doing his job and who is worthy of his name mentioned on national television. The report also included the information that he was fired from working at a school where he was at for more than 14 years. This selection of detail was used to make Norm sound as though he has been badly done by after his long period of devoted service. Once again with the usage of selective detail...