Mexican Americans.

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Mexican Americans are also known as Chicanos, Xicanos, Mexicanos, La Raza, and Mex-Americans. While the term Chicano has gone in and out of fashion since the late 1940s, it is still the preferred identification for many Mexican Americans. The term Mexican American, on the other hand, is commonly used in government documents, by the mainstream media, and by Mexican Americans in interactions with other ethnic groups

Mexican Americans are a multiracial people, joined together by a shared history and culture. Due to Mexico's long history of interracial marriages, Mexican Americans have a variety of skin colors. The Mexican American population includes whites; Native Americans; mestizos, people of mixed Native American and European descent; and mulattoes, people of mixed African and European ancestry

Hispanic students have not been served well by the educational system. Many students read two or more grade levels below grade placement, and comparatively few score at advanced levels on standardized tests.

The low educational of many Mexican American families has been viewed as an influential determinant of student academic failure. Mexican-American students who come from economically poor families are more likely to be delayed in school or to leave school prematurely than those from more economically stable families. Additionally, many Mexican American families rely on their children to serve as interpreters of a new language and culture. Mexican American children often learn English more quickly or are more familiar with the new cultural environment, they are needed to interpret or translate for their parents. As children become increasingly involved in the financial, legal, and social worries and concerns of the family, the traditional parent-child-relationship changes, sometimes leading to interfamilial and role conflicts

Mexican Americans are the largest undereducated group in the United States with only 3.7% of women and 6.1% of men graduating from college. Factors external...