The Mexican War: Talks about Manifest Destiny, the causes of the war, and the outcome.

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The war that was fought between the United States and Mexico, known as the Mexican war, took place between 1846 and 1848. The war took place in the area now known as Texas. What began as many small disputes eventually led to full fledged war. According to the PBS website many basic causes of the war lay on both sides. The United States could accept blame for the cause of the war first and foremost for the Western movement. Some underlying causes that are on the United States' side are: the slave interest in the south, the commercial interest of the Northeast, the land hunger of the West, the Manifest Destiny, and James K. Polk. The PBS website also lay some of the blame with Mexico as far as their internal divisions, their inability to colonize and govern the Northern lands, their rampant militarism, and an unbound arrogance.

With many of the smaller contributing causes stated I would like to go back to what I and PBS agree on to be the major issue, the Western movement of Americans. The first sign of problems between the two countries began when the United States bordered Mexico after the Louisiana Purchase. With these areas now accessible to Americans, they began to move into them. They also began entering Mexican territories of California illegally. Mexico was unable to deal with the invaders because of the Revolution going on, but they did realize that the United States' expansion could be a threat.

The possibility of annexation of Texas by the United States further irritated the developing situation. Texans being independent of Mexico were refusing to obey Mexicans laws and they began starting revolts. The Mexican Army clearly outnumbered the Texan defense and eventually Mexico would put an end to the revolts. By...