MGT 350. Let it pour Case Study,The mission of Faith Community Hospital.

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Let it Pour-Critical Thinking Case Study

The mission of Faith Community Hospital is the commitment to maintain its spiritual heritage and values, while providing health services to the community while retaining partners that share the same vision and values. Implementing and incorporating this misconstrued mission statement is only the beginning for the new Chief Executive Officer Assistant (CEOA). Chris the new (CEOA) of Faith Community is facing various challenges with his staff, as well as appropriate operational procedures. The purpose of this case study analysis is to address various situations and barriers the management staff face and what alternative solutions could be implemented to overcome these barriers. Proposed solutions for these problems will be discussed, in addition to the rationale for proposed solutions.


One of the main problems that Faith Community is bombarded with is media presenting headlines regarding medical errors. The media coverage states that tens of thousands of medical errors cause death each year may, close to 100,000 in hospitals alone; this problem does not assist in bringing new patients to the hospital.

This problem can have various repercussions for example, facing a decrease in patients and in turn, the amount of services the hospital provides. The decrease in patients significantly affects the hospital revenue and in turn, its budget. Since there are fixed costs, the hospital must treat patients and operate on this budget regardless of how many patients it receives, and a decrease in patients means a decrease in revenue. Having less income but not having a comparative decrease in operating costs, may force the CEO to reduce expenditures. The budget would need to be altered to accommodate the change in revenue, which could include a reduction in staff, limited availability of specialists, staff, or equipment, and having to turn away patients who may not...