Middle East Opinion Paper.

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Middle East Opinion Paper

For Americans, the visions of September 11th will always be an unforgettable memory. As we grieved over the loss of more than 1,000 innocent people, we also were in fear of any other dangers yet to come by future terrorist attacks and the safety of our nation. Osama Bin Laden, a known terrorist, has been considered to be a prime suspect of the 2001 attacks that destroyed the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Saddam Hussein is yet another individual who has "reared his ugly head", in spite of Americans. Hussein led Iraq through a decade-long war with Iran, and in August of 1990, his forces invaded the neighboring country of Kuwait. With President Bush (the father) in office, Hussein's forces were ran away from Kuwait in the Gulf War which ended in February of 1991, with Saddam still in power. Both of these men are two of the most powerful and manipulative men in the middle eastern region, and have caused problems with the United States as well as within their own countries.

These men are so powerful, that they have enough control to turn normal human beings into suicide bombers and terrorists.

Suicide Terrorists/Bombers

Since September there have been a string of suicide bombings throughout the middle eastern region. And you would wonder why and how someone could do such an act to themselves? Living under siege, and without the superior weaponry of their opponents, suicide bombers see that what they do is an act of martyrdom, not suicide. This action was obviously displayed during the hijacking of the 3 airliners on September 11th. Not only are the people who hide the bombs under their clothes doing this as an act of martyrdom, but they are using their bodies as some sort of "weapon...