"A Midsummer night's Dream" by William Shakespeare Essay -Describe one of the main characters and explain he or she was important in the play.

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In the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare there was a beautiful and attractive girl called Hermia. Lysander and Demetrius, both strong and fierce young man, desire she to be their bride. Hermia was important in the play because she is the person who caused the conflict between the lovers. Hermia was dominated by Lysander but her father wanted her to marry Demetrius. However Hermia decided to disobey her father and the law and escape with her true love, Lysander, to a place beyond the Athenian laws. Hermia was the main cause of conflict.

Hermia quarreled with his father about her marriage with Lysander. Her father, Egeus, wanted her to marry Demetrius who was wealthier. Theseus the duke of Athens wanted her to marry Demetrius too or else she will be prepared to have a single life or die. "Upon that day...prepare

to die" and however the people forged it still can't break the chain between Hermia and Lysander. Egeus was very frustrated and hated Lysander, as he was poorer than Demetrius. "Scornful Lysander...she is mine, and all my right of her I do estate unto Demetrius." That very night Hermia solved the problem by escaping from Athens to somewhere her father can never find her. Hermia caused the conflict by disobeying her father.

Hermia was very loving and kind towards Lysander but brought trouble to Lysander. "Thy love ne'er alter till thy sweet life end." Hermia also trusts Lysander but that leaves Demetrius out but still demands her to be his wife. When two men love the same women argument began and later on conflicts. When Lysander and Demetrius clash in the woods they were going to duel each other on the pain of...