Militant Blues on Campus for American Popular Music

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During the late 1960's trouble and disturbances were brought upon the young American society known as campus unrest. It has been brought to our attention that the war in Vietnam was the major trigger of all the chaos that was being created. During this time the first combat troops arrived in Vietnam, which obviously brought major concern that there was a threat of communism in Southeast Asia. As a result, the U.S commitment increased and by the end of 1968 there was a reported 542,000 American soldiers on the battle field of the war invested country.

It was only the beginning for these eager driven young college students who started with tiny groups of students from major universities across the United States. From San Francisco to New York many courageous protestors came as one to get their voices heard out about the unnecessary war that has brought many in this turmoil state of mind.

Through this process, with the help of a civil rights organizer, Abbie Hoffman and his dear friend Jerry Rubin, the world as we know it became an era of the hippies. Conducted in this act, the words "...our lifestyle-acid, long hair, freaky clothes, pot, rock music, sex-is the Revolution" and "...We are proud to be individuals" were what the people abided by.

With the continuous changes that they all faced, their determination was one thing that never let them down. Unsuccessful in some attempts lead to the enormous amount of arrests, but did that stop them? As a matter a fact, No! Protestors' moods in 1968 had become more serious and violent; they weren't backing down in what they believed in.

Due to the constant rage of the youths, music was distinguished as the psychedelic blues. It was also due to the vicious war in Vietnam...