Millstone-the Analytical Puzzle

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The analytical puzzle A dream world, created to suite its purpose, of sculpturing a protagonist into a round, deep character, by confronting her with the harsh realities of life. Seducing the reader, it tries to build sympathy for the heroine, but instead succeeds in exposing her troubled characteristics, The Millstone is a interesting analysis of a young woman in London.

Although quite gifted, well articulated and attractive, Rosamund Stacey is characterized as a coward. Her fear of men and sex is blended, with an exaggerated proportion of confidence, creating a naive young girl, in search for someone to love. Deeply buried in her heart, Rosamund so desperately craves for affection, a feeling she is incapable of giving. " …each time I go over it I wish that I had given a little more here and there, or at very least said what was in my heart, so that he could have known how much it meant to me.

But I was incapable, even when happy, of exposing myself thus far". Opening up one's heart, even to someone you recently have had sex with, is of course hard. In such a moment, feeling vulnerable, you often fear rejection, but Rosamund's problems are more rooted. The causes for this characteristic may have come from a disturbed childhood, but none of the of the mentioned possibilities can explain such reluctance towards sexual relations, she even admits that herself, and therefore, I start wondering if this hurricane of feelings is plausible. " I have thought of all kinds of possible causes for this curious characteristic of mine - the-- over-healthy, business like attitude of my family, my isolation as a child, my selfish, self-preserving hatred of being pushed around - but none of these imagined causes came anywhere near explaining the massive obduracy...