Moby Slick: A Case Study Analysis of the Exxon

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Valdez Oil SpillThe oil spill from Exxon Valdez was a major environmental disaster that caused a tremendous problem for Alaska. This paper will analyze the symptoms of the problem, the root of the problem, several unresolved issue, the role of the key players and the ethical issues involved in the oil spill. The oil spill killed wildlife, plants and trees, and damaged a large amount of the environment within hours the oil consumed over 3 miles of land and water. The number of animals killed was tremendous and the overall effect of the oil spill was overwhelming. The key players involved have several things to explain and the ethical standards need to be addressed.

Symptoms of the problems and Root problems togetherThe oil spill from the Exxon Valdez was bad environmental disaster, even though it still ranks low compared to similar spills the impact is still felt today. Alaska is home to many inhabitants such as herring or salmon, sea otters, seals and killer whales.

Prince William Sound located in the south central region of Alaska, which covers 3000 miles of the most spectacular shoreline. Glaciers are carved out on one end and the Gulf of Alaska on the opposite side. 10.8 million Gallons of oil spilt in the waters of Alaska where wildlife live. Within 12 hours, the spill consumed an area of 3 miles by 5 miles long, (Bennett, 2009).

What makes the disaster different from others is the location of Prince William Sound. This remote area of Alaska is only accessible by boat or helicopter. With these conditions, rescues efforts were delayed. That evening by 6:00 pm, Alaska news reported, "Cleanup crews drop dispersant but it doesn't work well because there is not enough wave action to mix it with the oil," (Bennett, 2009). The majority...