Montana 1948-Perspective today and in 1948

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Imagine a person sitting in their kitchen seeming as if they are eating a meal but really, they are attentively listening to their parents talking in the other room. As they begin to eavesdrop, more they begin to acquire shocking details. The words rape and uncle are used in the same sentence and it doesn't take long to figure out what happens. They continue to listen to the accusations being made to their family member only to learn that the heinous act was performed to their own housekeeper who is as close to you as family. As the day, progresses, more information is learned but the most disturbing thing is that their uncle has not only sexually abused females before, but he will get away with. Only for the reason that he's a white male and his victims were lowly Indian females. Now you think that it is impossible to get away with a crime like that now, but especially with so much evidence pointing in one direction but sadly it isn't so.

Criminals are continually freed while the victims are discarded and left with the pain, the memory and the loss faith in justice. In 1948, it was even easier for criminals to get away with crimes especially when they were a respected white male with power. And with that said, we look at Montana 1948, written by Larry Watson, and we see the incidents with Mr. Frank Hayden. The power that Mr. Frank Hayden held was his escape every time from trouble. The three main powers he held was the fact that he was a white male who committed sexual abuse to a native-American women patients, his father was an ex-sheriff and would not let his son go to jail, let alone get in trouble for...