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A Letter on the Doorstep


"Little tyke, Vernon Dusrley chuckled, ducking an airborne bowl of cheerios. He gave his wife, a bony woman named Petunia one last smile before he headed out the door, whistling a jaunty tune. After his wife had waved her husband out the door, she returned her attentions back to the 50 lb, blond, screaming, and in her opinion adorable, 1 ½ year old struggling to free himself from his high chair.

"Come on baby Diddy Dudkins, won't you eat some cereal for Mummy?" she cooed to a completely inattentive Diddy Dudkins. Of course while Diddy Dudkins was a charming pet name, this little beast's full name was Dudley. Dudley Dominic Dursley. Son to Vernon and Petunia Dursley, who saw no reason as to why they shouldn't spoil Dudley until he was rotten. And in his short 1 ½ years they had nearly achieved this.

The pleasant toddler was currently catapulting his cereal with enough force to dent the unsuspecting walls his mother fought so hard to keep surgically clean.


"Now come on baby Duddy, won't you eat this brand new bowl of cereal Mummy has for you? Won't you please eat?" Petunia tried again, tempting the baby with a bowl of fresh Cheerios.


"Won't you?"


"Please won't you?"

"Won't you! Won't you! WON'T! WON'T! WON'T!!!" The tot mimicked, screaming at the top of his lungs. Tears streamed down his face as he drew breath and yelled, "WANT CANDY! CANDY! CANDY! WON'T CEREAL!!!"

"Diddy, I tried to tell you we are all out of candy! You must eat your cereal if you want to grow big and strong just like your daddy!" Petunia shouted over top the wailing youngster. She might as well have attempted to feed the cereal to the...