Mormonism: Its True History, Signs and Symbols (Part #1)

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Mormonism: Its True History, Signs and Symbols (Part #1)

Latter Day Saints Founder: Joseph Smith, Jr.

Joseph Smith, Jr. was born to Lucy Mack Smith and Joseph Smith, Sr. on December, 23, 1805 in the state of Vermont. Joseph Jr. was yet a lad when his family packed up and moved to a farm just a stone's throw away from the town of Palmyra.

It was in this same general area that the Second Great Awakening of the 19th Century was beginning to pick up steam; to an almost feverish level.

The entire Smith family was, very literally, swept up within the plethora of multi-denominational religious gatherings, revelations, services and revivals; some of which even made their way into the Palmyra register newspaper.

During the same time period, the Smith's also practiced Folk Magick or, more definitively, Sympathetic Magick. This type of magick is the most practiced form of Occult Magick on earth.

The basic premise of the Sympathetic Magick that the Smith family practiced dealt with the universal occult premise that, "like forces attract similar like forces"; as what is also practiced in Wicca, White Magick, Black Magick, Voodoo and the various appendages of the New Age Movement (which, obviously, is nothing new).

Both Joseph Smith, Sr. and at least two of his sons also were known to use seer stones; which they believed provided them with magickal powers to search for and identify the location of lost merchandise, hidden money or buried treasure. It was also a known fact that seer stones were also used by necromancers to tell the future, cast spells, conjuring of demonic entities, divination, evil spiritual communication, Voodoo, etc. As Joseph Smith, Jr. began to mature into a young man, he found others within the tightly knit community of Palmyra who also shared...