What was the most important factor in making you who you are today?

Essay by dal4ik March 2007

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I asked some people what was the most important factor in making you who you are today and they all had different answers, different views. At first we should admit that we have two directions or maybe something like reasons to discuss the situation from different points of views. For example for me the most important factor in making who I am today is my parents, because they help me in all, they giving me some helpful advices, which can help me in my life. They paid me a good attention when I just was only young and that's why I'm not uneducated person. But it is just my own opinion and I asked some people who have another understandings and views about their life. And I asked some people who think differently about what was the most important factor in making who you are today.

The most famous answer to me was the hardworking.

Some people, whom I asked answered these. And I'm agree with that, if people will work hard and make a purpose in their life they can reach a goal which they putted for themselves. They will be that person that they wanted. Another answer was assiduity, I mean patience. I liked this answer, because I'm agree that person should forbear, and only then he will have everything. One also interesting answer is that religion. One personanswered, because of religion he become that person, which he want to be. Before that he was unbeliever, and he doesn't respect himself. He drunk, smoked and pinched, but when he become believer he found truth and he become personality not an animal as he thought before. There is was one answer which shocked me, this personanswered about genetically factor, from parents to children. This personanswered that the good genes are passing from one generation to another generation and that's why he become someone in his life.

Another answer was the influence of society, exactly the influence of surrounding you people, friends and family. He answered that influence of his encirclement as of friends and enemies make him an individual.

I asked these people and they had absolutely different answers, and I satisfied with their answers. At the conclusion I want to say that if you will work hard you will reach your aim