Teen Violence

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'Teens are viloent, cold and unremorseful because their families neiborhoods and society

are violent. Teens care so little about others because so little care has been shown them

(MacDonald 1A).' Many children today in society contain hate and bitterness, and

because of this do they become a problem. Many argue that children become what they

become because they make their own bed for themselves in life. I am in total

disagreement with this theory. I stand by the fact that children become what they become

according to their upbringing and the environment they were raised in. Parents

determine the life a child will lead. Parents are the most important factor in a child's life.

How they treat and act to their children will determine how they become morally and

sociably to society. Divorce, lack of love, lack of discipline, and lack of attention are all

factors that support that parents determine how a child becomes.

Parents are role

models, and raising their children together, with love, with discipline, and with lots of

attention is not only their job, but their responsibility as parents. Parents determine how

their children become.

As the years go by, we see a higher and higher divorce rate. As this rate goes up,

so does the crime rate. Couples today have forgotten the word commitment. As a result

of this, the children suffer. It is hard to grow up with separated parents. Most children

become bitter or angry as they grow because of their divorced parents. In some cases the

parents fight or argue which can affect a child, and may adapt the child to be more

aggressive. Also, when raising a child in a divorced atmosphere, what kind of lesson is

he/she learning? They will learn that a commitment is not a serious thing. That...