The diffuculties and pressures that are put upon teens today has changed over time.

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The difficulties and pressures that are put upon teens today have changed over time. The concerns of today's adults and how they relate to today's teens are different because of current issues such as sex, drugs, and violence. Each person has different concerns and expresses them in their own way. S.E. Hinton started a revolution in the treatment of teens by stating her concerns in her novels.

The author S.E. Hinton had many concerns for teens that were included in her book That Was Then, This Is Now. She believed that teenagers had to deal with sex, drugs, violence, law and other hardships like an unstable family life and poverty. I feel that many teens deal with this but not to the same extent. I know that these problems exist but I have not experienced them. For example sex and drugs are a very big concern now maybe even more so than the 70's.

Not only has the pressure to be involved with them increased but also they have become much more dangerous. In the 70's he main concern about having sex was becoming pregnant. Now you have to be worried about many sexually transmitted diseases that almost all lead to death. When S.E. Hinton wrote this book drugs were limited to social classes and were used only by lower class neighborhoods. Though as time went drugs began being used in middle and upper class areas and became more dangerous. They were being laced with many life threatening substances like horse tranquilizer. There is always the possibility of violence, drugs and other dangerous activities in a person's life but they make responsible decisions (in some cases) unlike Bryon and Mark. This applies to each topic S.E. Hinton addresses. The choices that are made result in the consequences one is faced...