The Most Significant Event In Modern Western Civilization.

Essay by sniper786 November 2005

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Their have been many events that have occurred in the modern western civilization that have changed and moulded the west. I think one of the most important and major event that was a key development to the western civilization would be the spread of the internet. The Internet revolutionized how the world accessed information and communicates.Their were many ways the internet had a key role in the development of the western world such instance access to recourses, increase of technology, and the development of the media threw the internet.

The spread of internet caused instance access to many different resources. Everything can be found on the internet. Verities of resources were displayed on the internet. It also educated the western society. Slowly the spread of internet cause more individuals to be aware of the greatness of the internet. The internet was amazing revolution for humanity.

Technology increased and still is increasing to this day ever since the internet was let out for the world to use.

Computers were in more of a demand and access was need to the internet. Technology grew and changed growing smaller and more compact. People wanted faster access to the internet so they came up with bandwidth. Need's for company's to gain access to the internet caused networks to form. Even to this day technology increase with the help of the internet.

The Media's impact on the west has increase dramatically due to the spread of the internet. People are more aware of what is going on in there society with instantaneous news at there fingertips. The media is able to influence a vast majority of the western world. Keeping the western world in turned to it's surround causing brighter individuals.

The spread of the internet 1900's has had a positive impact...