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Pre-History Paragraph

The development of writing in 3300 B.C.E is a major characteristic phase in pre historic history. "Writing evolved as a practical recording technology to support economic pursuits. Because it existed to represent real things, its system of symbols called pictograms." These symbols were often used to represent real things. Over time these symbols started to take on more meaning as to express an action and not just used as a symbol for an object. Eventually these symbols were being changed with marks to illustrate to the reader if they are representing an object or something much great. In 3100 B.C.E Cuneiform symbols were becoming more used because it was written with a stylus made out of reed which left wedge type scripts. These symbols became more abstract because the stylus was not capable of making shapes, making more room easier to print onto clay. Many of these writing have been found in caves and stones from the stone ages found as picture drawings.

The development of writing has come a long way but it has truly been a big phase change in pre history.