Movies and Gender Stereotypes.

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I do not believe that we have achieved gender equality because gender stereotypes still exist in today's society. Gender stereotypes are popular variables that have proposed numerous theories and arguments in the communication field. However, there is a considerable lack of research on the possible, existing relationships between these two variables. Therefore, studies attempt to verify the relationship between gender stereotypes and movies. It investigates the existence, construction, and importance of gender stereotypes in society life. The key concepts in this study are marked as gender stereotypes.

The construction of gender stereotypes is a subject that has been broadly discussed by sc scholars. The extent to which language used to describe known persons is gendered by performing whether or to what extent contains gender stereotypes. A significant relationship between the sex of the describers and the sex of the describes in the attribution of metaphor descriptions. A most suitable example was the recurring metaphors relating to sun used to describe women, indicating that women are thought to be more sociable than men are.

All of the above information provides evidence for the existence of gender stereotypes. Being socialized into a culture involves understanding that men and women are expected to behave in different ways. According to Alleen Pace Nilsen there are many ways gender stereotypes affect human life. For instance, she tells in her essay that in American culture a woman is valued for the attractiveness and sexiness of her body, while a man is valued for his physical strength and accomplishments. A woman is sexy. A man is successful. Men seem to be more talkative and women are more likely to self-disclose. Gender role are also found in stereotypical household. Women are more likely to do house work, and men are more likely to do physical...