Stereotypes in "A Time To Kill".

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Stereotypes Found in the Film "A Time To Kill"

In the Film industry many directors like to produce movies that contain racial and stereotypical issues. The film "A Time To Kill," is one of these examples based on racial tension and capital punishment. The characters in this film play roles that resemble the racial problems faced in the south. Viewers can relate to the stereotypes that exist in society and to the different parts of the world. "A Time To kill" is a film, which portrays stereotypes among certain characters such as, Ellen Roark (Sandra Bullock), who was discriminated for being a female, Carl Lee Riley (Samuel L. Jackson) is judged by his race, and the stereotype that is conveyed to the people of southern Mississippi.

Ellen Roark, an energetic Boston law student is one of the key figures in the film, but because of her gender Ellen struggles in proving her abilities to Jake.

As one may know females have always carried the stereotype of being good for certain things, and several women have as well strived in demonstrating their intelligence, as Ellen did. Ellen has a strong confidence that she will be a valuable asset to the trial, but Jake the attorney has a hard time believing that a girl will help him be successful in accomplishing his goal. As

the trial proceed's Ellen is given the opportunity to present her knowledge and demonstrate her capacity. As it turns out Ellen Roark, the female law major turns up with useful leads in the trial and becomes more than an image. The film assuredly breaks the stereotype barrier among the female gender.

A character that as well withholds a strong stereotype is Carl Lee Hailey. Carl Lee Hailey is a wise, humble, strong man who...