Mrs. Louise Mallard in the story "The Story of an Hour"

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Marriage of Yesterday Marriage of Today

Mrs. Louise Mallard in the story "The Story of an Hour" is about a woman who has heart trouble. Her husband, Brently Mallard, is working on the railroad out of town when an accident occurred. Her sister, Josephine, has to tell her sister that her husband died because Louise is so frail. Louise wept for a time then left to go to her room alone. When in her room, Louise, felt something come over her it was as if something came into her body and freed her. Louise felt free to live her life for herself, not for Brently anymore.

Louise felt trapped by her husband. She felt that Brently had total control over her and he possessed her. Louise realized that she was living and doing all for Brently. When Brently died, Louise realized that she was on her own. Louise felt a heavy weight come off her and is now able to live freely without anyone telling her what to do.

Louise was on her own to do what ever she wanted.

I believe this was the way many marriages used to be. Long ago people married at a very young age and women in the early 1900's did not work. Women needed to get married so that someone could support them, other than their father. Women were to get married and have babies, otherwise they were called old maids. Women were also not their own persons; they were the property of their husbands. I believe that Louise felt as though she was Brently's property.

Today, in the twenty first century, women are getting married older and having babies older because they are their own persons. The women of to have great jobs and live not only for their families, but...