"Much Ado About Nothing" by Shakespeare

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"Much Ado About Nothing" by Shakespeare is a comedy placed in the late 1500's. Shakespeare makes good use of radiance language with good nature and wordplay. He uses his characters, first as dramatic actors, but also as comic actors. In "Much Ado About Nothing", Shakespeare first tell us the love story of Hero and Claudio. Claudio is a young soldier of Don Pedro's Army. He has fought bravely on the war and may perhaps have been the reason of Don Pedro's victory. For this reason Claudio has an enemy, Don John who seems to also like Hero and be jealous of Claudio's successful welcome after the war. . Giving to this story the touch of comedy, Shakespeare makes use of other personages such as Beatrice and Benedick whom seem to be in war but deeply hide a secret sympathy for each other. Also he uses Dogberry and his puzzled incoherence.

Much Ado About Nothing dealt with themes of universal appeal; love, status, relationships between different sexes. Though a comedy, Shakespeare explores the malice and dishonesty of Don John and his plan to get revenge on Claudio.

Don Pedro has just complete a war and comes back home with him, his army is welcome and given all the properly attentions. Among the army Claudio is introduced to Hero and instantly both fell in love. Also in the army is Don John who has a deep dislike for Claudio and seeks to take revenge of him at the first chance he has. His plan takes form when he learns that Hero and Claudio have plans to get marry. Immediately he plots a plan to defame Hero and therefore to ruin the marriage between Hero and Claudio. He sends Borachio to Margaret (One of Hero's gentlewomen) who would come out at...