Much violence in films and on television have negative impacts which might abet children in break the law.

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It is a widely acknowledged the fact that violent crimes especially youth crimes are increasing nowadays. Many people think that much violence in films and on television have negatives impact which might abet children in break the law. Personally, I think there are two main reasons for this phenomenon.

The first reason is that violence in some films preaches the importance and need to solve the problem and make individuals be winners in competition only by strong arm. The immature children who lack capability of justice exposed to this film might go astray unconsciously. Numerous inquiries have conclusively shown that many delinquent children admit the impulsions of committing murder which have been originated from a violent movie they just viewed.

The second reason for negative impact is that from the violent film children often learn how to kill others he just hate or dislike. At one time an inspector were surprised and asks a delinquent child: "Why are your measures so brutal" "Just learn from movie."

Said the youth as he shrugged.

The third reason why does the violence in film and on television arouse the occurrence of the juvenile delinquency is due to the expression of disregarding the law. Education of legal system has been potentially hampered by the plots in films in which the final winner relying on force often escapes legal punishment. Having been unaware of their offence against the law completely, many young criminals were sent to the jail inexorably, according to lots of studies.

As we can see, violent film and TV programs have so many negative effects on children. So we should control them to limited in order to decrease the violent crime in society.